4144451190 Slate roofing repair, tile roofing repair Copper gutter Copper downspouts Copper roofing Custom sheet metal work Duplication of existing architectural details.Restoration Preservation.Slate Roof ,Tile Roof not a problem. Copper range hoods. Situated in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Limited blacksmith work.

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John F. Graf Sheet Metal Works
Copper and Custom Sheet Metal work Since 1910

  Welcome to our web site. Please take a look around, and get to know us. Then contact us for further details about our services. We look forward to working with you.

  John F Graf founded our company in 1910. Since then he and his descendants have manufactured and installed custom sheet metal and copper products for both function and decoration.

  We believe in craftsmanship, done as it used to be. There have been many changes in our trade in the last ninety years. Many of these changes have made the work easier or faster. Only some of them have made the work better. We endeavor to incorporate only those changes , which make it better. There is a reason  that much of what we are replacing or renovating is close to a century old.

   Life is too short to waste it doing shoddy work. If you are looking for someone who is willing to take that little extra time, to give your home the attention it deserves. You have found them.

  We  primarily serve the Milwaukee Wisconsin area, including the adjoining counties, with full jobsite and fabrication services. We also do one of a kind and short run production of custom ornamental sheet metal, copper, and wrought iron work.

      In the Milwaukee Wisconsin area we provide both fabrication and installation of copper and custom architectural sheet metal products. Our products include but are not limited to gutters, downspouts, cornices, scuppers, brackets, mounting hardware, and limited wrought iron work.

    Outside of our immediate area we will fabricate and ship custom ornamental copper and sheet metal fixtures. These include, but are not limited to scuppers, downspout bands, cornices, and brackets of various types.

If your needs belong in any of these categories we will be pleased to hear from you.
       Architectural Sheet Metal
       Historic restoration, replacement, renovation of sheet metal work
       Copper work both decorative and functional
       Limited wrought iron work.
       Copper , Terne and Galvanized Iron roofing and guttering.
       Built in Gutters and other drainage systems

John F Graf Heating & Sheet Metal Inc
   2224 N 48 Street
   Milwaukee,Wisconsin 53208
   Phone: 414-445-1190

    We are always available through our EMAIL address
There is no office staff. We would all rather be using our tools.
We WILL respond to your messages.

Hours of Operation:

When the sun is shining and sometimes when it is not.
Excepting Sunday and  Good Friday when our doors are closed.

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